Ben jij een filedier? campaign

Hey, let's reduce traffic jams for Rotterdam!

Rotterdam is one of the most congested areas of the Netherlands when it comes to traffic. One of the initiatives to reduce this pressure is the 'Filedier' campaign: people get rewarded to stay out of traffic during peak hours. Laik was asked to come up with a campaign to convert these users to alternative ways of reaching their work in the city. We came up with an effective solution, where people were asked to fill out a small but fun poll to find out which alternative suits them best. People were targetted via newsletters, direct mail and telemarketing but found the campaign not annoying at all: more than 25% of the participants applied to one of the alternatives.

Client — De verkeersonderneming / Gemeente Rotterdam
Agency  Laik
With   Call for Action
Disciplines   Concept, interaction design, visual design